Unprecedented insight

Today, market researchers work with a patchwork of receipt data and surveys in an attempt to flesh out what motivates consumers.

iSave changes everything you thought you knew about shopper profiling and understanding your customer. How? Consider that every time a shopper uses the iSave application, we know:

  • What store the shopper is in
  • What items the shopper was compelled to pick up
  • All of the product coupons and values offered to the shopper
  • What products the shopper ultimately purchased

It’s a miniature survey on every purchase, and the shopper might be swayed by great savings or remain loyal to a cherished product.

This survey gets repeated every time every shopper goes to the store and uses the iSave application. iSave also makes it possible to determine any changes in behavior or motivation for an individual or aggregate demographic group over time.

Importantly, CouponPro provides complete privacy for every shopper. By only requesting non-personally identifying demographic information (never a phone number, name, or address), shoppers can feel secure using iSave.

The comprehensive consumer motivation data available in iSave is simply unavailable anywhere else, at any cost. Market researchers, educators, analysts, and anyone else interested in gaining access to this data can contact us here .

Fast and easy for shoppers

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Real-time interaction

CouponPro enables manufacturers and retailers to target shoppers with customized incentives in real-time!

Unprecedented insight

A comprehensive and continuously updated mine of shopper behavior and motivation data…all at your fingertips.