Real-time interaction

Paper coupons are astonishingly wasteful, ineffective, untargeted and uncontrollable, and are prone to abuse and fraud. The good news is that CouponPro is about to overhaul the entire coupon process.

CouponPro excels where paper coupons fail. CouponPro can give a manufacturer of consumer packaged goods a multitude of precise facts about individual shoppers, including:

  • The store where the shopper is located
  • The product the shopper is holding
  • The shopper’s established brand/product preference
  • The shopper’s proven price sensitivity in this product category

Not only does CouponPro provide this information, but it also provides manufacturers and retailers an online hosted coupon rule engine that can be customized to respond uniquely to different shopper data and criteria – in real time.

With CouponPro, the targeting of coupon campaigns can be controlled, and the results can be measured like never before. Results are fully open to monitoring and audit, and because the data is digital, it’s all profoundly more efficient and easy to search.

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Fast and easy for shoppers

CouponPro makes coupons fast, fun, and easy! Click here to learn how to get custom coupons delivered directly to your smart phone.

Real-time interaction

CouponPro enables manufacturers and retailers to target shoppers with customized incentives in real-time!

Unprecedented insight

A comprehensive and continuously updated mine of shopper behavior and motivation data…all at your fingertips.